The station was run by the Cable & Wireless Company. The Chief Engineer was Mr. A. Jupe who was in charge from 1927 until 1940.

His deputy from 1928 to 1939 was Mr. C.J. Henderson. His daughter, Mrs G. Parrish is at the time of writing (1993) living in Humberston and has provided much information. Mr Henderson was unfortunately killed in a road accident in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1965 when he was in charge of another station which he took over in 1940.

There were 5 or 6 TA's (Technical Assistants) all non local people.

The station had a Morris van with two drivers and this was used to ferry in the staff from the Grimsby area. Transport was essential as of course the station operated for 24 hours per day.

There was an outside staff of 4 or 5. They were local people and included Mr Ladds, Walter Stocks, Mr Staves, Gil Robinson and Charlie Lingard. Other names quoted are Pacey and dark but it is not known what their positions were.

Mr G. Bonner who lived in the Brambles, The Lanes, Tetney was the clerk who undertook all the administrative work. His daughter still lives in the village.

Mrs Parrish recalls the visits of a number of students from India who in all probability were being trained for the Indian end of the operation. She also remembers university students who visited and in particular a Mr Milne. His visits were not connected with the technical aspects of the station itself but with monitoring insect life and Mrs Parrish remembers nets being placed at different heights on the masts and the insects found at different levels recorded. The large valves with their glow inside the station attracted many moths and other insects.

All in all the Beam Station does not seem to have provided a large amount of employment for local people. The technical staff were often long-term employees of Cable & Wireless who had worked at other stations. As specialists in a relatively new technology who had moved around the country there was a certain camaraderie among them and they do not seem to have mixed a great deal. To a certain extent they were part of a small self-contained group who kept largely to themselves.

Mr Bonner, Clerk in Charge
 Harry Wolf
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