The Beam Station was, when it was built, at the forefront of technology.

Marconi was reputed to have risked his company to develop this Beam System.

It is ironic to consider how important Tetney was in the history of world-wide communications and how little the Beam Station is remembered locally. It must have been an exciting time for those working in the newly developing communications industry but that excitement does not seem to have been felt in Tetney.

But the greatest coincidence of all is that not 1/2 mile from the
site of the Beam Station there is another radio station – much more modest of course but still capable of world-wide communication.

I refer to the amateur radio station situated at Tetney County Primary School with the call-sign GXOPHA. This in itself is quite unique as it is one of only a handful of primary schools with this facility in Great Britain.

Over the past years many children have experienced the "magic" of communication by radio using the school radio station. If just a few of them are bitten by the "science bug" it will have been worthwhile and a fitting tribute to the great scientist Marconi.

The School Radio Station QSL Card

Sent to other radio stations to confirm that a contact has been made


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